Monday, May 7, 2012

Travel updates...

I can't believe that exactly 3 month passed since I wrote my last post here. As mentioned before I changed job and consequently my daily rythms changed as well. However I am happy to write again and hope to be able to share more from now on.

So... let's start with exciting news!
In 11 days I will be flying to NYC and staying there for one week, can't wait! I visited the city during last summer, suddently fell in love and, once back home, I felt that I needed to go there again. I would also live there, If I could.
Last year we enjoyed the city mostly through a "hungry" tourist approach, this time I would like to live it in a more relaxed way. Some of my goals for this holiday are to shoot beautiful and unusual pictures, visit the Metropolitan Museum, walk along the High Line and get the best pancakes and mac'n'cheese.

If a New Yorker is reading, please note that every advice is well accepted!

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