Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year... New phone!

Hi girls! How was your NYE? We passed a quite night with friends eating, drinking and playing! We had so much fun!

Few days ago I made up my mind and finally bought the iPhone 4s.
After two years with my Blackberry I thought I needed a more efficient device and once started using it, I was pleasantly surprised as I expected.

I am temporarily using a transparent case, but I am not so sure of keeping it so I started browsing online to spot some possible fancy solutions of case or wallet and here's what I found...

I really like both designers' items but Michael Kors' wallets for iPhone are amazing!
Kate spade cases are available here and Michael Kors wallets here, check them out and let me know what you think!


  1. I definitely love those Kate Spade ones!! :)

  2. i'm in real need of a new one... just have to get around to do it!

  3. I love those Kate Spade cases! I can't wait to get the new Iphone so I can get one. How are you liking it?

  4. Yayay!! I just got an iphone for Christmas!! LOVE IT!!
    I'm all for that Michael Kors case!!

  5. I just got the iPhone for Christmas! And I absolute LOVE it! Can't believe I waited that long to get it!! I have a J.Crew one, but I love me some Kate Spade... so I think I need to get another one! haha


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